Cleanse your Body and Mind this Spring!

Starting Monday 16th October 2023

14 Day Online
Guided Cleanse and
Conscious Living Program

5% of proceeds
donated to
 Trees For Life

Cleanse your body and help
rejuvenate our Earth!

Why Cleanse?

Seasonal Cleansing is your unique opportunity to press pause on some not so great habits, that inevitably creep in,  and create better health!

 When we keep on living the same way, day in and day out, our digestion and bodily systems gradually accumulate toxins.

It's hard to avoid.  

These toxins disturb our digestion, and perpetuate the experiences of feeling sluggish, tired and foggy,
with aches and pains.

 Keep going and you'll be laying the foundation for inflammation, allergies and reactivity, skin rashes, headaches, disturbed digestion and arthritis down the track... sometimes earlier, sometime later!

Shift your habits with the seasons to create lasting health!  

Join us for a chance to come back to yourself and your bodies needs and reset your habits 
to create more wellbeing and thrive!  
Autumn and Spring are natural times for our bodies to drop into cleanse mode.

At the end of Summer we release accumulated heat and inflammation to prepare for Winter.  

Spring is a the time to reset and clear your channels to reduce reactivity... hayfever, colds and flus.

You're invited to join this vibrant group of conscious cleansers to release accumulated toxins, 
support your immune system, and invite more energy and health into your life!
Reset and create habits that are in synch with the rhythms of nature and the rhythms of YOUR NATURE!

Seasonal Cleansing is your unique opportunity to create health and vibrancy.

Returning participants always receive 50% off.
Keep going deeper, enjoy the new additions in the course hub and enjoy the support of our dynamic group of conscious cleansers! 

It's easier, more effective and more fun cleansing together. 
*This offer does not include the cleanse pack. 

Our Living Ayurveda Seasonal Detox and Reset is not only about the food you eat. Although important, food is not the full picture.

Even when we eat the most fresh, organic, seasonal pure food we can still have digestive problems when life is too full, with too much stress and our lifestyle rhythms are out of whack.

For 14 days I will support you in tuning in and creating healthier rhythms and habits that will sustain you with deeper health way beyond our time together.

You’ll feel lighter, more connected with your body and understand how the choices that you make each day can either run your down or create lasting health!

Sound good?

And, you will not be doing it alone!

I'll be supporting and guiding you with live calls, meditations, a cooking class, and recipe and guide book!

With our private facebook page you will feel the support of others who are excited to be doing this with you!

Together we will slow down, tune in, cleanse and connect with our body wisdom!

Cleanse Live Calls:
 Kick Off Call Monday 16TH October at 10am
Going Deeper Call monDAY 23TH 10am
Emerging Call and Q & A Saturday 28th october  9am

All calls are in ACDT (adelaide Daylight time)

Course includes a preparation and cooking class Video!


 "I love that I was supported to just do what I could and not give myself a hard time."

I really enjoyed my first cleanse! I love that I was supported to just do what I could and not give myself a hard time if I deviated. I've enjoyed tuning into the cause and effect of what I'm experiencing. I can see that food is medicine and I've loved noticing that I run well on less food and reconnecting to my appetite rather than the clock.
Thank you Jacq!


Your Detox and Reset Includes

3 Live Video Calls
Packed full of informaiton and support!

Preparation and Cooking Class Video

Recorded Meditation and Breathing Practices
to support your inward connection

 Cleanse Guide Book Download
You'll be supported all the way!

Cleanse Recipe Book Download
Delicious and simple recipes to keep!
Going Deeper Options
for Return Cleansers or those who are keen!
Access to Our Private Cleanse Group
to support each other and ask questions!

Your body's needs are unique.
There is NO 'one size fits all' approach here!
I'll help you to design a cleanse experience to suit your body's needs.

First time cleanse?
No problem! We can ease you in.

Seasoned detoxer? Welcome back!
Are you wanting to go deeper!?

Your Investment

Select your choice of with or without your Ayurvedic Cleanse Pack! 

Seasonal Group Cleanse 


  • 3 Live Calls
  • Preparation and Cooking Class   Video
  • Guided Meditation and Breathing Practices
  • Guidebook and Recipe Book
  • Access to Private Cleanse Group

Seasonal Group Cleanse With Support Pack


  • 3 Live Calls
  • Preparation and Cooking Video
  • Guided Meditation and Breathing Practices
  • Guidebook and Recipe Book
  • Access to private Cleanse Group
  • Cleanse Support Pack posted to you including Massage Oil   Copper Tongue Scraper,  &         Body Cleansing Tablets



🌿 Reclaim your body wisdom
🌿 Strengthen your digestion
🌿 Reduce sugar cravings
🌿 Boost and balance your energy
🌿 Ease aches and pains
🌿 Support your immunity
🌿 Support your natural hormone balance
And as you detox your body you'll also be helping to regenerate our beautiful Earth!

5% of proceeds for this event goes to Trees For Life

This your chance to connect with your body, take a load off your
digestion and consciously reset your habits.

 Create more stable energy, happier digestion and feel lighter and brighter!

Jacqueline Iles

Ayurvedic Practitioner | Yoga Teacher | Founder of Living Ayurveda 

Facilitator of Feminine Vitality Yoga & Ayurveda Retreats

With more than 20 years’ experience as an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga teacher I weave my knowledge of these ancient sciences with modern techniques, combined with my deep intuition, to support, guide and mentor my clients into deep healing on all levels of their being.

Cleansing twice yearly keeps me consciously connected to my habits and whole wellbeing.
I look forward to cleansing with you! 

This is how I want to eat and feel all the time.

Thank you Jacq, I have loved this cleanse. Being more in tune with my body's rhythms and needs, eating delicious food and feeling nourished and light. This is how I want to eat and feel all the time. 


Say yes to slowing down, tuning in, cleansing your body, and helping
Trees For Life plant more trees for our Earth.

Places are limited.

Call me on 0421601715 to ask any questions.

xx Jacq