Embodied Wisdom

Embodied Wisdom Oct 2020

Create more ease, joy, hormonal balance and nourished health in your life!

Are you tired of being tired and feeling flat?

Always wishing you had more time for yourself?

Are you worried about your hormones changing and want (when the time comes), your Menopause to be as smooth and transformational as you hope it will be?

Do you want to leave overwhelm behind and live with more ease, joy and energy?

Is this what you long for?

Are you truly ready to become more radiant and enjoy greater vitality?

If yes, then it is time to come and fill your cup.
It is time to understand your body’s changing needs and put yourself first!

I invite you to join my
Embodied Wisdom Course

An nine-week live online course to support you in creating more joy, balanced hormones
and nourished health in your life! 

We start on Wednesday 24th February 2021, with live online coaching calls every Wednesday at 10am ACDT.
All calls are recorded so if you can't make the live we can still connect!
And you have access to me via our private Embodied Wisdom Facebook page!

Over the nine weeks, you will learn how to . . .

 Nourish your Nervous System

I work with many women whose sympathetic nervous systems are switched on 24/7.
They are wired, tired and flooded with the stress hormone Cortisol.

Their nervous system has forgotten how to switch off, and consequently, they experience poor sleep, hormonal imbalance, digestive troubles and food intolerances.
Simply put, they have lost the joy of life.

In this first week, I will guide you through a simple practice that will bring peace to your nervous system and help you navigate your life with ease.
Stop feeling trapped in your mind, and learn how to tap into your body’s inner wisdom for optimal health.

This is a profound experience; to be at home in yourself.
Build a strong foundation on which to build lasting health and ease in your life!

 Optimise Your Day.

Learn how to live with the rhythms of nature to create more energy and ease each day.  

Your body is like a wonderful instrument. It can sing in harmony with the rhythms of nature
⁠or it can become discordant, and feel clunky and heavy…out of tune.

⁠You are a part of nature. When you live in sync with the rhythms of nature, you are in the flow of life.
There is more ease and less struggle. More energy, less slumps, and aches and pains.

Your life becomes enriched with the ease of a joyful rhythm.

Morning Rituals to Start Your Day Right.

Learn how to start you day right by attuning to the needs of your body, mind and spirit.
Replenish and ground your energy or uplift and energise!
This week we'll explore the habits that will set your day up for more positivity,
connection and conscious living so you can look forward to each day with enthusiasm!

 Understand your Personal Blueprint.

You are unique! The path to your health is solely yours.

This week, you will learn how to deeply understand your body so you can make the right choices each day for your health.

With this knowledge, you’ll no longer become confused by all the conflicting health information out there. You’ll know and trust what your body needs. You can develop a more responsive and compassionate relationship with yourself!

Imagine the ease that you’ll create in your daily life when you remove confusion and decision fatigue and make right choices for your better health. You’ll have more energy and time for doing what you love with who you love.

Explore the Gift of Self Love.

Deepen your connection and gratitude for your amazing body that enables you to have all of your life experiences.  

When you are comfortable in your own skin, you will radiate joy, and begin to naturally blossom - inwards and outwards.

With an ancient Ayurvedic technique, you can learn how to connect with and nourish your body. This simple technique will support detoxification, make your skin glow and build immunity.  

It will help you have deeper sleep, and support hormone balance by increasing oxytocin the love hormone!

 Activate Your Body’s Innate Intelligence.

When your digestion works well your clarity of mind increases and your light of perception and discernment is stronger!

Discover how to light up the intelligence of every cell in your body and detox at the same time!

We all accumulate some toxins over a lifetime that clogs our channels and dulls our mind. The trick is to minimise this build-up and eliminate as much as possible.

Learn Ayurvedic techniques to re-kindle and strengthen your digestion, lessen food reactivity, increase your energy and regain clarity of mind. Your body will love you for it!

Remove the Blocks to your Passion and Joy.

Explore and dissolve the self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from living the life you wish to be living.

Befriend your shadow parts to create more freedom and purpose to your life.

With a simple exploration technique and guided meditation, you can break free of your chains and share your gifts with the world!

 How to Balance your Hormones Naturally!

This week we'll unpack the common causes of hormonal imbalance and take a closer look at some symptoms.
Hormonal balance is influenced by our stress levels, bodily and environmental toxins, and even our thoughts and our emotions.

Your hormones are part of a complex homeostatic system which strives to bring a constant balance to your body.
Hormone imbalance is your body asking you to look at the whole picture of your life and address stress, where we are dissatisfied with our lives, toxin load and bring more joy into our days!
We’ll focus on the three areas that stagnation commonly occurs in Women – uterus, breasts and thyroid.
I’ll share with you lots of practical tips to help you to balance your hormones naturally and keep your reproductive tissue clean and clear. 

Connect with your Inner Feminine Source of Vitality and Intuition.

I have seen how depletion and hormonal imbalance makes women lose the joy in life and find it hard to connect with themselves and others…even those they love.

Since balancing my hormones and reclaiming my vitality, after my crazy time of depletion and early menopause, I was still trying to connect more with myself and loved ones.

Only when I started to re-connect with the source of my feminine vitality that I felt grounded enough, and safe enough to open my heart.
Then it happened naturally and organically.

I could feel more love again! More love for myself…all of me.  More love for my deepest relationships. More love for everyday living and feel simple joys again!
If you want to experience unlimited joy and love in your life then this practice is a must. It will help you to learn how to receive all the love that wants to flow to you.

I wish this for all women!
Do you want more of this in your life!

Join before midnight Saturday 20th February to receive my
 2 special bonuses!!

Bonus 1 - Free Pass to my Ayurvedic Essentials and
Cooking Class Workshop (date TBC) 

You can join me for an afternoon of insight and connection. Learn some delicious recipes and how to make your own ghee!

Value - $80

Bonus 2 - Two Private Coaching Calls with me
during our course.

These 20 minute coaching calls will help you to hone in on 1 issue each call and have my undivided attention to help you find a solution!
Value - $140

Grab these bonuses - worth over $200AUD before they
expire at midnight Saturday 20th February!

"Jacq is a gem.
Polished by her own process she is friendly, non judgmental and knowledgeable. Her Embodied Wisdom course helped me to recognize that I am not alone in my self-care struggles and gave me tools to easily utilize in my daily life.
Understanding my body in an Ayurvedic context opened up a map in which I was able to chart some of my challenging patterns, as well as the solutions.
The weekly calls assisted me in being accountable to holding a practice that I hope to continue as a habit.
Thanks Jacq for such an enriching course!"

Zee Emanuele
Performance artist, psychotherapist, retired acupuncturist.

"I was far from prioritising the absolute importance of giving real time to nourishing myself. Jacqueline's course ignited in me the desire and readiness to make changes in my self and my life. The content was grounded and I enjoyed the group coming together.
Jacq has a deep knowledge of Ayurveda and a great understanding of our individual need to let it's magic unfold in its own perfect time. Thanks Jacq! "

Heleen Terwell

👉 Bookings Close 10pm ACDT Monday 22nd Febraury! 👈

There are limited places so I can give each woman on the course my
full support and attention!

And I believe in this course so much that, if you do not see some positive shifts in the duration of the course, I am offering you a full money back guarantee!
How’s that for a no risk commitment to your wellbeing! 

Money Back Guarantee Terms and Conditions
To receive a full refund you must show that you have completed the course and practiced all of the Enrichment Practices.
There will be a questionnaire to fill-in and return to show that you have done what is required to be eligible for a refund.

I understand the battling thoughts that arise when deciding to invest in your health. Let’s break down some common concerns when it comes to such a commitment.

“I can’t afford to spend that much on myself.”

In real terms, how much is your current state of health costing you, emotionally, physically, and mentally? What about in your career, parenting, and relationships . . .?

Do you feel guilty for snapping at your kids or partner?

Do you wish for more time reserved just for you?

Do you feel tired when you’re at work? Are you less efficient than you would like to be? Is your lack of good-quality sleep ruining your life?

Is your delicate digestion making you anxious about what to eat?

Let’s be real about this! If not prioritising your health so far has led you to where you are now, where do you imagine you’ll be in three to six months’ time? How about a year from now?

I know how sneakily hormonal imbalance can creep up on you. It wasn’t until I experienced anxiety, insomnia and an early menopause that I realised how far I had strayed from my truth and my health.
Frankly, I don’t want you to go through that.

“But now is not the right time.”

When it comes to prioritising your health in life, it can seem like there’s always something more important to do . . .

It’s easy to put your health and well-being on the back burner—but this is a slippery slope.

The tendency to not put yourself first is a sign of feeling undeserving. We address this in the course too; you’ll be shown how to let go of outdated thought patterns that could be holding you back from living the life you want.

“How is this course different from others that promise similar results?”

Ayurveda is an ancient science but is so very relevant today in our busy modern world. It is the science of cause and effect--of joining the dots between how you have been living and how you feel now.

This course will give you the tools to understand your body better, so that you can make the right choices around upgrading your health.

Once you deepen your relationship with your body and mind, I promise there will be more ease in your life.
You will be able to trust your body’s wisdom. You’ll no longer feel confused by all the information out there. Your body already knows what it needs and you will understand what it is trying to tell you. This is about learning a simple language so that you can embrace your health and take charge!

Other courses may give you substantial information, but knowledge is not enough. It is how we live that will reward or deplete us.
I wish for you to explore the deeper questions around how you live and why you make certain choices. I am here to support you in making the significant changes that will transform your life.

Let’s get specific about being a good fit for Embodied Wisdom:

  • 🌱 You want to own the power of your unique constitution.
  • 🌱 You are excited to dig deep and refine your physical body to reveal your inner sparkle.
  • 🌱 You want to gain more time in your day by living purposefully with the rhythms of nature.
  • 🌱 You want to free yourself physically from aches and pains, unclog your mind, and clean up your inner temple.
  • 🌱 You want to experience the depth of your radiance.
  • 🌱 You want to hit a new level of focus and mental capacity.
  • 🌱 You want better connections in your relationships so you can experience more joy and love!
  • 🌱 You desire to sleep soundly and have deep energy reserves.
  • 🌱 You aspire to be deeply receptive to your intuition—because you know it will lead
    to smarter choices in your life!
  • 🌱 You are ready to access a rich inner-life of joy, true presence, and awakened companionship
  • 🌱 You value having a mentor and dynamic group to accompany you as you step deeper into your potential.
  • Simply put, this course is designed for women who are ready to connect to their inner wisdom, and allow their habits and health to evolve.
Eight weeks of rich content and my support could be life-changing for you. You truly deserve the health and wellbeing that you desire!

Still have questions? I invite you to schedule a free, no-obligation discovery call with me. I’d love to chat.

Are you ready to say yes to yourself and your future health?

Enrollment Closes 10pm ACDT Monday 22nd February! 

But book before midnight Saturday 20th to receive your bonuses!

Course Summary

Would you like to go deeper into the art of understanding your body’s needs and living in a beautiful, sacred and connected relationship with yourself?⁠ Join me in my Embodied Wisdom Course to nourish your nervous system, support your digestion, balance your hormones and change old patterns of overdoing and over giving.⁠

Course Curriculum

Jacqueline Iles

Ayurvedic Practitioner | Yoga Teacher | Founder of Living Ayurveda 

Facilitator of Feminine Vitality Yoga & Ayurveda Retreats

"The Embodied Wisdom Course came to me at the perfect time. I have been in a state of exhaustion and overload for a long time and felt that my nervous system couldn’t cope anymore. The lessons in the course have resonated with me so much and given me the skills and understanding that I needed to slow down and listen to my body. I am loving bringing the teachings into my life and have noticed an immediate change in my focus, decision making and attitude to the health of my whole body. Thanks Jacq."


"Thank you for your non judgmental approach and care this morning. I feel very nurtured and am so thankful. Your prescribed treatments and practices have helped me immensely. I love the safe space you provide to talk about menopause. I know that when I am investing in living with Ayurvedic principles in my life I am healthier and happier!"


"Jacqueline is a rare gift of a practitioner.  She has utmost intelligence, warmth, passion and humour.  From her I've gained invaluable insight into my body type, nutritional needs and controlling the roller-coaster of menopause.  My chronic insomnia (bane of my life!) has melted away and my overall sense of well being is wonderful.  I am so grateful to have access to such a qualified and competent Ayurvedic practitioner in Adelaide.  It's a delight to be in her nurturing hands!"